What we offer


We offer training and matches every week. We provide a holistic periodised programme that develops your child as a person and improves his football skills over a 10 week period.

Holiday Clinics

We offer holiday camps in the school breaks. Let your children immerse themselves in a week of the most dynamic and fun-filled football sessions available to them.

Birthday Parties

Book a birthday party with our enthusiastic coaches who will provide your children with an exciting football experience.

What is Total Football?

Total Football is an attacking style of play in which every outfield player is able to play in any position as required during the course of the game. When the team has the ball, the team will try to outnumber the opposition going forward in order to create a superiority in possession. Total Football is attractive and positive football. When the team does not have the ball, the objective is to proactively press the opposition to regain possession. Most importantly, for Total Football to come together every player needs to be skilled in possession of the ball.

Our Objectives

Total Football Academy provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our players. Our primary objective is to develop our players into highly skilled footballers that can dominate games, outscore the opposition and entertain supporters through exciting and dynamic football.


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